05 July 2021

Based on the announcement letter of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number: 46801/A.A3/KP.01.00/2021, regarding the Selection of Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology in 2021. Needs formation for Education Technology graduates with the following formation allocation.1. Education Assessment Data Analyst as much as 1 formation2. Analyst Assessment and Accreditation as much as 1 formation3. Curriculum developer as many as 3 formations4. Development of Educational Assessment Model as much as 1 formation5. There are 1 formation for the Education Facilitation Program6. There are 1 formation of Community Education Development Programs7. Curriculum and Learning Analyst as many as 3 formations8. 1 formation Graduation Competency Analyst9. Analyst Learning Assistance as much as 1 formation10. Learning Technology Analysts as many as 2 formations11. Analysts for the Development of Early Childhood and Non-Formal Education as many as 7 formations12. Education Quality Analyst as many as 2 formations13. 1 formation of the Facilitator of Supervision and Facilitation of Education Quality Improvement Programs14. Lecturers – Expert Assistants as many as 16 formations15. Lecturers – Lectors as many as 5 formations, more complete information, please go through the following link