08 June 2021

Omah dilit babershop and salon is a business that we have built since last year, engaged in the field of care and beauty. Omah Dilit stands for On Demand Friendly for Disabilities, Elderly and Toddlers. Omah dilit is an on-demand system service that is friendly to all people, including people with disabilities, the elderly and toddlers who are connected to a smartphone application. Omah dilit service has a fairly affordable price, starting from Rp. 12,000. We believe that Dilit‘s house can develop in the future, including the pandemic. In 2020, Omah Dilit was included in the Student Entrepreneurship Program (PMW) event organized by UCC UNESA, Omah Dilit successfully passed stages 1 and 2 and received funding, From these results, we succeeded in developing Omah Dilit more broadly, starting from tools for babershops and salons, applications to partners. this provides an injection of motivation for us to continue to develop our potential and achievements in lectures through the field of business, this is also what brings us to continue to a similar competition that has a higher level, namely ASMI. university selection followed by coaching. When the coaching was carried out, we initially wanted to join the KBMI and were advised by an expert team from PKMI Unesa to join ASMI, we initially objected because KBMI and ASMI had some differences. However, we believe that the coach‘s recommendation must have its own reasons to include us in the ASMI event. Sure enough, after the first ASMI selection was carried out through a video presentation that we uploaded on youtube and through several workshops that we had to attend, Omah Dilit was declared to have passed stage 1 with 109 start-ups from other universities that were also declared to have passed. more competitive spirit and focus on improving our personal abilities and also improving dilit omah services. In stage 2, the selection was carried out with an online presentation in front of the jury, namely from the ASMI team and representatives of potential investors. The presentation is made for 7 minutes. Day after day after the selection phase 2 we passed with feelings of optimism until finally on June 7 we were declared to have passed phase 2 and received a funding of 25 million rupiah. Our team from the Educational Technology Study Program FIP UNESA, namely Anharu Wikotama as Founder and CEO, Emylia Ferlina as CFO, and Yasmin Irza Amelia as CMO. The other 2 students are from the informatics system study program. Editor of Public Relations Department