03 September 2022

FIP.unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA- Education plays an important role in creating quality human resources with an adaptive and innovative mindset. These changing times have made the PKM-PM Team make a number of efforts to solve problems. The solution to the problem is through the scriptsnesia.co application for students at the Surabaya Development Taruna Intensive High School. With the scripts.co.uk application, students have a high level of school literacy with a "one click" touch. This means that students can read directly without being hindered by anything. Furthermore, the scripts.co application is equipped with various features. On the main page there is a display for writing short statuses, saving reading lists, and publishing stories. In addition, there are explore features to find reading references such as; wattpad, SINTA, project gutenberg, many books, Books Yard, Google Scholar, and there is also a large Indonesian dictionary. In this PKM-PM, it is guided by a lecturer in Education Management, Aditya Chandra Setiawan S.Pd., M.Pd. Then for the PKM-PM team leader by Cahyo Febri Wijaksono from the Department of Education Management. Then the members consist of: 1. Student of Education Management Shela Dwi Widhya Sari.2. Visual Communication Design Achmad Adil Ma‘sum3. Cyntia Putri‘s Indonesian Language and Literature Education4. Information System Aulia Dwi SaputriChairman of the PKM-PM Team, Cahyo Febri Wijaksono, explained that after students read and write in the scriptsnesia.co application, students earn points. The students with the most points can later be exchanged for prizes at the end of the learning semester. ‚ÄúThis application has been declared valid and practical by experts and practitioners.