06 September 2022

FIP.unesa.ac.id, SURABAYA- The Faculty of Education looks different from the previous year. Now, students are starting to crowd the department room to seek knowledge, knowledge and insight. This hybrid learning change was also felt by one of the Education Management lecturers, Aditya Chandra Setiawan S.Pd., M.Pd. The lecturer who is called Pak Adit teaches new students face-to-face. He said that face-to-face learning provides a different atmosphere. Effectiveness increases, learning materials are more easily delivered, and interactions also run smoothly. "Students are very ready to take part in face-to-face learning while still paying attention to progress wherever they are," he added. On that occasion, Cahyo Febri, a student of the Department of Educational Management, also felt the same way. He revealed that the offline/face-to-face learning makes it very easy for students to understand the material and interact directly with the lecturers. He hopes that with face-to-face lectures, campus activities can soon return to normal. With it, students can easily make achievements, contribute, and become agents of change. The Dean Gives Tips and Tricks Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Mochammad Nursalim, M.Si explained a number of special tips for college. According to him, the lectures are carried out in stages (face to face), it is necessary to prioritize a high adaptation attitude in responding to change. Then followed by an attitude to be fast and responsive in solving problems. “Different campus environment, The perspective is also different,” he said. Furthermore, new students must be careful and clever in positioning themselves. Manage time in a balanced way, and also set a healthy lifestyle. "adapting food and drinks around, because you are not used to typical Surabaya food, continue to adapt to culture and language in Surabaya, lecturer teaching patterns, study hours, assignments" he added Author : Nisfiyatul Mubarokah and Riska Editor : Dimas